Preserving the Past to Teach the Future. Our mission is to collect and preserve Kenosha County's history through education, programs and exhibits.

Kenosha's Historic Districts

Thank you for visiting us. Kenosha has four historic districts, three on the National Register of Historic Places. We invite you to click on the links below to walking tours of each of the four historic districts.

Library Park Historic District
Historic district featuring residential homes, public buildings, schools and institutions.

Third Avenue Historic District
Historic district featuring Kenosha's "mansion" district, county parks and institutions.

Civic Center Historic District
Historic district featuring Neoclassical government, museum and school buildings constructed in a new Civic center following the World's Fair in Chicago.

Pearl Street Historic District
Historic district featuring rehabilitated buildings that were almost demolished in the 1980's.

Library Park Historic Walking Tours

Second Saturdays through October
Click on the link for more information.

Our Mission

The Kenosha History Center collects and preserves artifacts, records and information vital to the understanding the history of the County's social, cultural, ethnic and industrial heritage since its settlement. The Center uses these materials, acting alone or in collaboration with other citizens and organizations, to disseminate knowledge of our collective local history through its museum, historic sites, research and outreach and publication programs for the benefit of the community and its visitors.